R&D Team

At Pathways Bioscience we believe that supporting the body’s own cell protection mechanisms is a crucial way to avoid or overcome health problems.  We are focused on the development and commercialization of new dietary supplement and pharmaceutical products that target the Nrf2 cell signaling pathway and influence cytoprotective mechanisms using Nrf2.0® technology.

Our experienced team at Pathways Bioscience is led by Dr. Joe M. McCord (PhD in Biochemistry), who co-discovered the superoxide dismutase enzyme that launched the whole field of redox biology; Dr. Brooks M. Hybertson (MBA, PhD in Analytical Chemistry) who has over 25 years of experience leading R&D pertaining to oxidative stress, the Nrf2 transcription factor, and the development of new pharmaceutical and dietary supplement agents; Dr. Alan Gao (MBA, PhD in Molecular Biology), who is an expert in genomics and the measurement and interpretation of gene expression; Mr. Swapan Bose, a skilled research scientist who has assisted Dr. McCord on his laboratory projects for over 3 decades, and Mr. Mike Lu, who brings financial and strategic expertise to Pathways Bioscience based on his prior experiences as a mutual fund analyst and manager.


Our R&D team