How is Nrf2.0 technology used to develop new, improved Nrf2 activators?


o   Utilizing Nrf2.0™ Technology, hundreds of natural, plant-based compounds were screened for specific, multi-control-point Nrf2 activation and modulation characteristics.  We sought compounds with demonstrated efficacy, as shown by our own research and published scientific studies.  We paid close attention to safety profiles of compounds — focusing on those with extensive and safe histories of human consumption.

o   Utilized a proprietary model system in the Pathways Bioscience laboratory, we further refined our search for those agents that, when combined, have synergistic Nrf2 activating properties to create the PB dietary supplement series.

o   The optimal combination and composition was determined and tested to maximize biological effects and minimize effective dose.

o   Safety was evaluated and validated with internal research, results from other peer-viewed studies, as well as human consumption history. 

o   Modern genomic and proteomic technologies were used to generate gene and protein expression profiles for the ingredients and combinations, which were further analyzed to determine the range of biological effects.

o   Health benefits were assessed by our own research and published scientific studies.